• Nishant Andrews

Graceful Disturbance

Following the rays of rising winter sun, we reached this exquisite looking wetland- unknown, untouched and undisturbed. With the sun rays, going above and beyond, the world around us had started waking up.

With the rhythmically gaining dawn came in a dense colony of Greater flamingos to the same area. It seemed that they had recently broken out from their nearby roosting grounds to begin their early morning routines. One that would involve endless hours of wading, preening, and feeding.

Backed against the morning rays and flourishing flora, these flamboyant birds in pink painted an image that felt immaculately sublime. Yet, there would often be a disturbance in this pattern. Time and again, a flamingo would wander in too close, stepping in on another’s feeding ground- forcing him/her to throw in a quick warning or a threat if necessary. Moments of the tense showdown that ensued, would quickly end in either one taking over, while the other would simply move over to a newer patch. And just like that within seconds, the image would go back to regaining its original composure.



And, while that’s how it remained throughout those few hours that I spent with the flamingos, yet somehow, I guess, this is how I am going to remember having sighted these birds- a graceful disturbance in the pattern.

Location: Jamnagar, Gujarat

Species: Greater flamingo

Gear: Nikon 5500D, 200-500mm

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