• Nishant Andrews

Someone in Orange

This happened on a cold winter day.

Shrouded by mist, and invigorated by the smell of early morning dew I caught sight of someone in orange, someone new. Amidst the engulfing mirage of white and fog, a peach-colored hue was making brave rapid attempts to break the pale monotony- dashing in and out of the trees and bushes, shoots and branches alike.

Intriguing. Mesmerizing. Ephemeral.

Curiosity followed my eyes on a restless, frenzied flight- peering through dense thickets, staring intently at the leaves as they floated daintily in the morning breeze. Meanwhile, the avian stranger continued to dance within the dark misty covers of flora, in a rhythm of somewhat erratic ebbs and flows. Seemingly brazen yet graceful.

Therefore, reducing my presence to a bare minimum, I stood motionless for a while, vaguely hoping to become less human and more nature. An effort, that I knew was being judged from behind green covers.

And, soon enough he jumped out of the undergrowth and tilting his head slightly to the left, questioned - what is your purpose for all this?

Breaking my premature attempt at maintaining a ‘camouflage’, I broke into a smile as if to tell him of a purpose fulfilled, a curiosity silenced and moved on.

In image:

Red breasted flycatcher (images 1, 3, and 4)

Orange headed thrush (image 2 and 5)

Gear used:

Nikon D5500, 600mm

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